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Hi, and welcome to my blog!

Thanks for stopping by. As a creator of decorative surfaces and a design lecturer for the best part of 15 years I have long looked to nature to fuel my creativity, inspiration and passion for the subject; inspiring me to live a live full of colour, pattern and texture. Here is a space where I share with you my knowledge, musings and most importantly tips on how you too can embrace nature, pattern and creativity; let it nurture your soul, use it to help you to find moments of happiness and calm and bring creativity and colour into your life.


Whether you are a creative looking for inspiration or keen to explore ways of re-engaging with nature through design and everyday living; grab a brew and dive in for a read. I look forward to chatting soon.



Why we should all be drawing.

Even if you don't think you can, drawing is the ultimate connector. As a child, my quest to explore and embrace my imagination often...

One leaf or two?

Why does even the smallest daily interaction with nature feel so great? I'm sure I'm not the only one to feel totally rubbish if I've...

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